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Give our engine a hint and it’ll keep you up to date on papers,researchers, institutions,methodologies, geolocation,trends. Basically all academic knowledge relevant to your research.


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Our semantic AI will keep you up to date not based on terms but based on relevancy. Hint at what you are looking for and the engine will learn your interests in no time.

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ZealBots will do all mundane work of finding academic knowledge for you. You only have to read what's worth your time.


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a scholar

If you are a student or researcher, we automate literature search for you. You have more time and creative energy for innovation.

an institution

If you are an academic institution, we build state-of-the-art research strategy. Gain better visibility, world ranking and cost-effective research.

a tech-company

If you are a tech or publishing company, we provide market intelligence. Lead your market with better market intel and cost-effective sales strategy.

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